The study and implementation of new technologies throughout the entire water cycle.

Through innovation, the development of new circular economy models and digitalisation to obtain new sources of green energy (H2 and biogas).

New natural resources and their efficient use (nutrients, metals and water).

Protecting ecosystems and biodiversity through nature-based solutions (SbN)

The development of new digital technologies (sensors, traceability, models and predictive systems).

The introduction of improvement actions to ensure the quality of water bodies.

Lines of research

1) Green hydrogen from water as a key element towards decarbonisation

2) BDS and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) for efficient water cycle management and climate change adaptation

3) Circular Water Economy for sustainable resource efficiency

4) Quality of water bodies to ensure safe use and protection of ecosystems

5) Digitalisation of the integral water cycle

6) Integration and validation of technologies